About Alumni

Bugema University Computing & Technology department has over time trained students from different parts of Africa and the world with broad-spectrum backgrounds. Our Alumni give us the foundational experiences and the rich personal relationships that continue to enrich us in our daily lives as they are our success stories.

The alumni from the University are distributed throughout Africa and the world. The University recognises the importance of its alumni in its advancement and roles which include organising and encouraging alumni engagement in the activities of their alma mater. The Alumni Relations Programme is a new development in the University and successful alumni programmes hinge on how good the university cultivates and implements effective alumni activities.

The University has a structured strategy for carrying out alumni relations and activities and specifically reconnecting the University with its alumni through a series of activities and events that encourage alumni to get engaged with their alma mater. Whereas the primary aim of alumni activities is to engage the University and the alumni in an interactive relationship for mutual benefit, the alumni of Bugema University Computing & Technology department act as an important link between the University and working life.