Bachelor of Business Administration in Business information systems (BBA-BIS) is a multi disciplinary by programme designed for students who are good in scientific thinking and have ability to handle both business and computing courses. The programme is enriched with the ability to produce students who can solve problems in both business related areas and information technology. The programme is also designed to suite both students who take arts courses in advanced level of education and sciences. This has given the programme a good number of students who have enrolled for the programme since it was first accredited.

Further BBA in Business Information Systems (BIS) is a three-year degree course that specializes in key business and information technology skills that are essential to enable the modern information technology and information systems professional to succeed in a wide range of business related sectors. The course provides a sound background in advanced problem-solving, information analysis and project management preparing students for immediate entry into the management of business information systems in organizations. The course focus on development of technical skills, and emphasis placed on business analysis and problem solving, systems analysis, IT project management, the provision of IS services, and the management of Information Systems within organizations. It is designed for both three years (students who complete in Uganda and Rwanda) and four years (students who complete from Kenya, Southern Sudan, Zambia) whose educational system requires the same.


Business Information Systems is about the development, management and use of information and communication technologies in business. It focuses on managing the integration of people and information for business operations, efficiencies and maximizing competitive advantage. In the era of information economy, even much more with a progression towards knowledge economy, organization and business enterprises demand strong understanding and practical skills to make a valuable contribution to an organization’s information systems management, to improve on efficiency and effectiveness of business functions. This has created a demand for human resource with a blend of knowledge and skills in business practices and information technology. The BBA BIS program provides students with the practical application of information technology in business with a clear understanding of fundamental business practices, leading to a career in the utilization of information systems to solve business problems. In particular, graduates will be able to design, implement, manage and use information systems to add value to organizations. Graduates will be able to practice in a wide spectrum of careers including; Systems analyst, Applications developer, IT project manager and Information Systems manager.


The programme is intended to:
  • Provide students with the knowledge of the benefits of implementing Information Technology supported systems to enhance business competitive advantage.
  • Innovatively nature and apply expertise in research and development of business information systems.
  • Equip students with knowledge and skills on how to plan, develop and manage information systems in business environment.
  • Gain the fundamental concepts, knowledge and skills required to facilitate a career in business analysis, project management, data management or e-business in a global economy.
  • Examine the technology, techniques, and organizational issues relating to the analysis, design and implementation of solutions to business requirements.


Students who apply for this programme and complete will be expected to;
  • Demonstrate the ability to use information technology (IT) to change business trends in any organization.
  • Manage information in the organization in a professional manner.
  • Design software that can help organizations automates their work flow processes.
  • Advise the management in any organization on way forward in ICT usage and adaptation.
  • Spear head the e-commerce adaptation in any sector.