There is a growing need for office Information Technology equipment support services and first level help desk assistance, to ensure efficient use IT equipment and real time response to desktop computer troubleshooting. Information technology help and support services, especially in SMEs, need IT technical assistants to respond to users requests, mostly related to hardware servicing and Office Applications support. The Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) was designed such that it reflects the office needs of the Information Technology support at desktop user level, and also as an entry level to a Diploma programme in Information Technology for individuals interested in progressing in Information Technology industry.


The CIT course aims at giving a solid coverage of the fundamental aspects of Microsoft Office Application, Data management, and PC hardware and software troubleshooting within a small organization environment. The course greatly emphasis hands-on practical approach to computer productivity software and hardware, as well as providing with students with strong foundation knowledge to upgrade to a Diploma programme. The important areas covered include; Microsoft Office Application, Computer Hardware repair and maintenance, Communication skills, Data Management, and small computer networks installation.


Certificate Information Technology programme designed to:
  • Provide knowledge and skills for Assistant IT support function in small offices.
  • Impart adequate skills, which will enable the students to perform computer hardware and software troubleshooting systems analysis & design, software development tasks and administrative duties.
  • Provide students with an entry level for further study in Information Technology at Diploma level.