Message from Head of Department

HOD Message

The department of Computing & Technology, Bugema University is known for its committed and dynamic professionalism. We see it as our main responsibility to help all students reach their full academic potential. We believe that learning should be an engaging, interactive process. To do this, we supplement lecturers and tutorials with a blend of challenging group exercises such as IT development projects.

We are a diverse, energetic community, with students and academic staff from different parts of the world. Our department of Computing & Technology is and will remain distinctive among the world’s great computing and technology schools by training efficient and effective future professionals who integrate integrity in their technological decisions.

This is mainly done by combining:
• Human scale with global reach
• Thought leadership with great teaching
• Rigorous coursework with experiences requiring teamwork
• Valued traditions with innovation

Most importantly, the department of Computing & Technology, Bugema University will continue to focus on each student’s lifelong success as a principled leader of business and society. Since we live in a time of unprecedented economic and technological change, for individuals and companies to be successful in the future the world requires those that are well positioned to not only anticipate change, but to capitalize on it.

Every business person must therefore recognize and confront a global economy that presents increasing opportunities and competitive threats. In regard to this, the department of Computing & Technology train future professionals graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate in the areas of:
• Computer Networks and System Administration
• Software engineering & Application Development
• Business Information Systems

Diplomas, Certificates and professional courses are offered as well. We also offer short courses which include CCNA, CCNA - Security,CITA and IT essentials. Our department members are known for their commitment to teaching and groundbreaking, practical research. Their academic peers build on their research and practicing managers seek them out as consultants and use their concepts to build and lead successful businesses.

Many of our graduates are leaders in global services firms, major corporations, and dynamic new ventures. Leading corporations actively recruit our graduates. The challenge for computing & technology, as we see it, is not just to impart the fundamentals but to apply them to the dynamic world of business.

We are meeting this challenge by structuring our programs around four key business drives:
• Strategic innovation
• The use of information & technology for management
• Analytic decision-making
• Integrate integrity in all

We emphasize group work, allowing each student to benefit from the quality and diverse cultural and business background of their classmates. We also foster a strong partnership between students, staff and faculty in the learning enterprise.

Those who enrol in our programmes or come to work at the department of computing & Technology can be sure that they are part of a community that provide challenging, international and highly enjoyable business experiences. Such experiences and lessons help students advance their careers.

I feel particularly honored to be a part of this department of Computing & Technology as Head of Department. I am eager to work with you as we further strengthen our position as one of the world’s best business schools that produces human resource which cannot be bought or sold.