The Department of Computing and Technology (DCT) is now offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGD-IT), scheduled for implementation in January 2012. The course targets tertiary degree holders who are in disciplines outside of computing but possess the capacity to innovate and create transformative value in their own organizations and career through the use of ICT tools and technologies OR who have gained significant experience in computing / ICT but do not possess formal qualifications in this area. The Postgraduate Diploma in IT employs an outcomes-based practitioner’s approach which focuses on providing the foundation, technical knowledge and transferable skills in order to produce graduates who, will have the requisite ICT skills and competencies directly relevant to any work in an entrepreneurial setting; who appreciate the dynamism and cross-sector applicability of ICT, and its importance as an engine for economic development and growth; who demonstrate an awareness of the importance of ethics and professionalism in the execution of their jobs; and, who are flexible, well-rounded individuals committed to lifelong learning.


There is a growing need for human resource in the area of information technology within the region that are equipped with both managerial and entrepreneur skills. The private and public organizations or institutions demands for more productive and innovative courses at the graduate level. The integration of East African countries calls for courses that can be used to solve the regional problems by the use of ICT solutions which need innovative skilled personnel in organizational departments. Secondly governments are initiating electronic governance (e-governance) which means the university programmes need to direct toward producing personnel that can sustain the e-governance policies in the region and the partner states. The department of Computing is focusing on designing programmes that attract students from different parts of the world particularly Africa, such that innovative local solutions can be easily met.


The objectives of the programme will include:-
  • To train human resource for the increasing market with professional IT skills that can change both the private and public sector for a better livelihood.
  • To produce practically and theoretical able managers in the area of IT that can change societies.
  • To strengthen IT programs in both private and public institution
  • To train human resource that can implement, manage and sustain the e-governance in Uganda and the region general.

Learning Outcomes

The students should be able to;
  1. 1. demonstrate skills of using IT to make decisions
  2. 2. Explain the best way of using information to manage an organization's marketing and business.
  3. 3. Demonstrate the best way of using IT to increase the workflow processes within an organization

Target Group

The target group for this program will be the newly graduated students who have completed bachelors degrees in the following areas; information technology, information systems, computer science, business administration, education, and developmental studies from a recognized institution of higher learning. The students will have to prove having done some relevant courses in the area of information technology. Other target groups will be the working class who may what to further their studies in the area of Information technology, managers of organizations that need to have more addition IT based managerial skills.

Admission Requirements

A student to be admitted to the program, he/she must fulfill the admission requirements of Bugema University at the graduate level. That is a student should have completely a first degree from a recognized university in any field.