Short Courses

• To be admitted you are required to have at least an ‘O’ level certificate as the minimum requirement for any of the courses. For those willing to take CISCO –CCNA you must have attained the age of 18 years at the time of registering.
• Those with intention to apply for CISCO and IT Essential should have computer knowledge and should be able to use the Internet and other application with minimum or no supervision.

• Obtain bank deposit slips for fees payment from the bank; for the Students at the main Campus, get the deposit slips from Busika - Equity bank branch and the students from Kampala campus and other centers can ask for the fees deposit slips and pay in the appropriate banks.


• Students will be required to clear with business/accounts office if they have completed payments of tuition fees.
• Students are encouraged to pay the fees in full. However payments are accepted in installments of two with the first installment of 300,000/= (Three hundred thousand shillings only) and the 300,000/= paid before the end of the second week, from the time of commencement of classes.
• After clearance with the business office the students will have to present a copy (original) with your ID to the department/short course coordinators, short courses desk for registration.

• Students [non Bugema University students] will pay 5,000/- (five thousand shillings) to be able to get an Identity card to access the computer laboratory. It will be provided within one week after commencement of classes
• Always students should move with the IDs and any other document which justifies your stay in the computer laboratory; i.e. a copy of your receipt

• A student will be allowed to withdrawal if they satisfy the following
o Put their intention to withdrawal in writing addressed to the head of department through the coordinator of short courses.
o The maximum withdrawal period will be two months, if a student goes beyond two months, he/she will be required to reapply to such a course again and pay all the dues.

• Written Exams shall be administered at the end of every course/module/semester alongside the online exams. This will act as a requirement to be admitted to the next semester for all CISCO students.
• Students are encouraged to ask for CISCO tests when they are ready such that it is activated.
• A student will require passing with 70% in the written Exam for courses with online exams.

• Students must attach photocopies of their genuine academic certificates (e.g. ‘O’, level, etc)
• No student should present any forged documents otherwise the culprit shall be penalized appropriately.