The School of Business believes in integrity and excellence in business dealings. It is therefore dedicated to the education and development of individuals in the region and beyond. These will become business leaders of both private and public organizations through outstanding business oriented research, instruction, and service. Therefore the school endeavors to train and produce human resources that are not only professionals but also morally upright. So the goal of the School of Business is to train efficient and effective future professionals who integrate integrity and sound business and organizational functions and who are able to combine knowledge with analytical and practical skills in order to accurately define problems, find viable solutions, and implement desirable decisions.

The programme Software Engineering and Application Development (SEAD) program focuses on the systematic production, development and maintenance of software products. The program also involves the technical aspects of building software systems, and also the association required of developers and how they align software solutions with organizational strategies. Software Engineering and Application Development program combines the ability of student to produce, design, and manage, so that they ensure the delivery of reliable software to increasing demand on large, complex international markets


The Software Engineering and application development program is focusing on the increased need to develop applications that can help institutions, organizations and individuals do their businesses in an automated manner. The program provides for students full exposure to the theory and practice of software development in a project-based environment. It provides the student with a complete understanding of every aspect of the development process, including concept, design, implementation, testing, Quality Assurance, control and planning.


The objectives of the program are:
  1. 1. To introduce students to the designing, building, maintaining and managing large software systems
  2. 2. To introduce the notion of professional responsibility
  3. 3. To be able to explain process visibility and its importance
  4. 4. To produce student that can solve real world and community-based problems through software development
  5. 5. To produce graduates who can critically analyze customized industrial problems and solve them using software engineering concepts
  6. 6. To teach the basics of quality control, assurance and planning and making the right decisions in deciding the development process to be used.


At the end of this programme students should be able to;
  1. 1. Explain the steps involved in development of software applications
  2. 2. Analyze software requirements for different markets and organizations
  3. 3. Produce software on individual basis and market it for consumption
  4. 4. Solve problems through software development on web-platform or other applications.