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Bachelor of Science in Food Technology & Human Nutrition (4yrs)

The Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Human Nutrition is a unique, four year degree program, designed to provide a broad understanding of modern food industries and healthy trends in human nutrition. The program combines theoretical studies and practical work approaches, which are applicable in a modern industrial food environment. In addition, the program is incorporated with a technological approach to provide a competitive advantage to the graduates, in the modern field of food processing, to produce safe, nutritious, tasty and attractive food products for the global market.

The BSc. Food Technology and Human Nutrition, has been developed in response to the demand for graduates who can combine the knowledge of food science and technology, with an understanding of nutritional requirements and analysis. Many countries have alarming rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. New healthy, enticing and tasty products are needed to help with these emerging health threats and graduates of this program are in the best position to make a difference. The growing health concerns over obesity, allergies, and the relationships between food and disease have led to an increased emphasis on the importance of good nutrition which requires a better understanding of the processes and technologies for development of safe, nutritious, and tasty food products. As knowledge in the areas of nutrition and technology advances, and consumers adapt to changing lifestyles, the food industry is responding by developing a new generation of foods with emphasis on added value, nutritional content, and safety. These developments consequently create an increased demand for well-qualified graduates in Food Science and Human Nutrition by companies and agencies who recruit in areas such as sustainable food production, food analysis, health promotion, quality assurance, product development, diary technologies, and food safety.

During the four years, extensive time is spent on a range of food practical sessions, theoretical discussions, and internship/industrial training experience in an environment of food technology and human nutrition. The first year of this program is devoted to providing a thorough grounding in all aspects of food science, human nutrition and technology as well as introducing key skills that are transferable to future employment opportunities. The second year courses provide detailed understanding of food processing technologies, human nutrition and nutrients, food packaging and chemistry of foods materials. In the third year of the programme courses mainly focus on: food quality and legislation, quality control, engineering and marketing of agricultural foods. The final year also includes courses on food formulation science, Research Methods, Quality Management, bioethics, nutrition therapy and dietetic applications, and communication skills. At all program levels, practical and theoretical aspects of the courses offered will be integrated to give the required industrial and lab research skills to the graduates for the competitive market environment. In addition, the students will be given opportunity to broaden their career knowledge and skills by selecting from a wide range of elective courses from food science, nutrition, and technology.

Career Opportunities

This program will produce graduates with a wider range of skills and knowledge suitable for work in both the private and public sector. Holders of this degree will be qualified to apply for a wide variety of technical and managerial positions in the food and agricultural industries, and also within the human nutrition and dietary consultancies. Career opportunities include: production supervisor/manager, Quality assurance technician/managers; Product development technician or manager, medical nutritionists, Food researchers, and Food distribution managers/supervisors.

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