Bugema University

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


 The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry is a specialized degree program designed to build a strong foundation in the understanding of biochemical properties and actions of biologically important molecules and processes in cells and tissues of living organisms. The program contributes fundamentally to solving of problems in the medical sciences, public health, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, genetics, cancer biology, environmental pollution control, food industry, and innovation of safe and effective drugs. The goal of this programme is to develop indigenous institutional capacity to produce relevant and skilled human resource with expertise and research technical-know-how in Biochemistry and its applications. The program provides an opportunity for students to integrate knowledge in biology and chemistry which prepares them for a broad range of career paths in medical sciences, pharmaceutical industries, food processing, agriculture, biotechnology, environment, cancer biology and research.

Our program is expected to significantly increase on the number of competent cadres in the field of Biochemistry who can handle the increasing challenges in biomedicine, agriculture, biotechnology, public health, among other career applications in Uganda and beyond. In addition, our graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry are highly demanded in a range of career fields from private companies, NGOs, and public institutions including Cancer research institutes, Food and drink production industries, Chemical manufacturing, hospital laboratories, pathology departments, Forensic labs, Medical research projects, Environmental protection and pollution control agencies, pharmaceutical industries, chemotherapeutic industries, Biomedical labs, Genetic labs and University laboratories, and consultancy firms.


For entrance, visit Natural Science Program requirements.

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