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Bachelor of Science in Statistics (3yrs)

Statistics is widely applied in a wide range of modern professions like biotechnology, engineering, environmental science, industrial manufacturing, insurance, medical science, economics and social sciences to collect, study, describe, analyse, and interpret data. The Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of probability and mathematical statistics with methods for data collection and inference. It further provides practical computing skills and techniques for undertaking statistical analyses of problems in different areas of application.

Our students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics are highly demanded in business, industry, research and government. In business and industry, statisticians are greatly involved in quality control, reliability, product development and improvement, and marketing processes. Statisticians are employed by nearly every government department and in many scientific, medical, environmental, defense and agricultural agencies. Business firms rely on workers with a background in statistics to forecast sales, analyse business conditions, and help solve managerial problems. With the widespread availability of data, statistics is applied across a growing range of industries to aid innovation in science, engineering and economics, and also enhancing organizational decision-making.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics will confidently seek employment opportunities in industries such as: Health care; Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology; Academia; Medical research; Business; Manufacturing; Banking, and Agriculture. In addition, the graduates may also decide to pursue masters or doctoral programs in statistics, Financial Mathematics, biostatistics, computational biology, or finance among other specialisations.

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