Bugema University

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Objectives & Functions

Objectives & Functions


Bugema University aims to develop the whole person; therefore, the following objectives reflect this wholistic approach:

To provide academic programs which will allow the students to acquaint themselves with various fields of knowledge and to acquire skills that will facilitate personal, social, academic, and professional development in order to meet individual and societal demands. .

To instill in the students an unswerving allegiance to the principles of Christian faith and a sense of personal responsibility so that they are prepared to render useful service to God and to humanity..

To lay emphasis on applied research relevant to the development needs of the community, including encouraging research leading to the development of patents..

To encourage all faculty to devote part of their time to research for publication in internationally recognised journals.

To select its students solely on the basis of merit while taking cognizance of the need to apply special criteria to potentially able but disadvantaged students

To continue upgrading the quality of its teaching, research and administrative staff through vigorous staff development and staff appraisal schemes.


The University seeks to fulfill its vision, mission, and objectives by undertaking the following functions:


Bugema University offers degrees, diplomas, and certificates in various areas.


The University encourages the faculty and the students to engage in social and scientific research aimed to enhance the development of society and its institutions.

Community Extension:

The University reaches out to the community, through direct and indirect communication, to disseminate information acquired by means of instruction and research through seminars, conferences, workshops, and through different public services. It also has health, social and spiritual programs which include Community Development and Adult Education, Red Cross and TASO services, rural development programs through BIPFORD, and evangelistic programs.

Contact Information

Tel: +256-312-351 400
mobile: +256-772-935337 / +256-753-935337
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.