Bugema University

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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at Bugema University

A fundamental objective of the University is to develop the spiritual faculties of the student. Bugema University believes that God created human beings in His own image so that humanity should worship Him.


Since the purpose and existence of the University is to enable students to dedicate their lives to selfless service for God and man, students are expected to attend weekly convocations and special weeks of spiritual enrichment arranged by the University administration, as well as various weekly and daily services by the University Church. These programs provide students important opportunities for personal enrichment and spiritual growth. Choosing to come to Bugema University implies willingness to attend these appointments as part of the total educational package. Daily worship, weekend services, as well as weekly assemblies are important components of the University program in pursuit of this objective. All students are encouraged to attend these convocations, which are part and parcel of the academic program. There are other religious activities, which offer students additional opportunities for Christian development and service. Among these are group prayers, off-campus witnessing, and activities of the Adventist Youth Society.

Sabbath Observance:
The Seventh-day Sabbath is observed at Bugema University from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday according to the Bible. Seventh-day Adventists believe that this is a day to take a holiday from work and study, but take time to relax, rest, worship and praise God. All students are expected to conduct themselves in harmony with the sacredness of this day. In addition to the structured meetings and worship services, the students are encouraged to participate in the prayer bands, witnessing programs, and other less formal religious activities that promote Christian development and service.

Student Life and Services
Bugema University, being a Seventh-day Adventist institution, recognizes that true education has to do with the harmonious development of the whole person. To achieve this broad aim, the University provides an environment in which students are encouraged to develop and strengthen their commitment to Jesus Christ, experience personal and social growth, develop their appreciation for beauty, and develop a pattern of healthful living, as well as achieve academic excellence.

Contact Information

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