Graduate School

Doctor Of Philosophy In Rural Development
Doctor of Philosophy In Development Education
Doctor of Philosophy In Environmental Management

Master of Arts in Development Studies
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
Master In Social Work
Master in Public Administration and Management

Master in Public Health with options:
– Health Promotion
– Environmental & Occupational Health
– Nutrition

Master of Arts in Education with options:
– Educational Management
– Curriculum and Instruction

Master of Business Administration with options:
– Finance & Accounting
– Investment & Entrepreneurship
– Project Planning and Management
– Human Resource Management
– Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management
– Procurement & Logistics
– Marketing Management

Master of Science in Information Technology with options:
– Network Security
– Software Engineering
– Information Systems

Postgraduate Diploma with options:
– International Business Management
– Education
– Information Technology
– Public Administration and Management
– Public Health

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