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As the situation related to Coronavirus develops, the Bugema University will add updates to this page by date, with the most recent appearing at the top.

Action Taken as a Result of Government Announcement of COVID-19

To: Students, Faculty and Staff,

We have all heard about COVID-19, and the fear it has created globally. Almost all the nations in the world are affected; some badly like china, Italy, Spain, even the USA. So far one case detected in Uganda has proved negative. Our neighboring countries- Kenya, Rwanda, Congo have closed their borders, closed their educational institutions and shut down many government service delivery departments.

Yesterday, the government of Uganda joined the other nations to close its borders, institutions and other departments. This is probably what we have been waiting for before meeting the University Community. However, even before that, we set some measures in place for the prevention of the disease. Thanks to the Committee headed by Mr. Kanyerezi which worked hard to put this place. We want all of you to act accordingly before you enter the campus or any office.

We have to, as an institution, obey the government directives. It is a complex situation we find ourselves in but we need to comply. Even before the announcement, Committees were set up to plan for the same. So we are ready to do the needful for our students and the community. I do recognize that the decisions we have taken may be disappointing to many of you. It is to me as well. However for us, your safety is paramount.

Given this decision, the University's immediate efforts are focused on supporting students currently residing on campus, as they make arrangements to depart for home.

All those students who can depart for their permanent residence should do so as soon as practically possible. We know that some students may need help with transportation, and others may have no alternate residence available. Arrangements for these students are in process, and we ask you to wait for further instructions if you are one of these students later today. You may need to apply to stay.

Students and their families will have a lot of questions, and we are working quickly to address those issues and questions that will naturally cascade from the decision. Please keep your contact information up to date before you leave so that we can easily reach you.

  1. So as it stands now, the University is on a recess effective noon March 20, 2020 till April 19, 2020, all things being equal
  2. All classes are suspended effective March 20, 2020
  3. Supervisors will determine essential personnel and advise employees of that determination
  4. All faculty and staff who are not required to report to campus will coordinate remote work arrangements with their immediate supervisors.
  5. Essential services will remain opened to deliver needed services. We will inform workers in this area accordingly. We will provide necessary services to support those in need. Please contact your supervisor directly if you have specific questions.
  6. Those who may choose to remain as community students note that the labs, library, classrooms and other areas yet to be identified will be closed.
  7. All other activities on campus involving bringing many people together are suspended. Clarification can be sought from the DVC Academics office.
  8. Those who choose to remain on campus, please stay indoors often and avoid crowded places or human contacts. Try not to roam around.

We shall update you as events unfold. Please for further concerns contact

  • Deans of Schools
  • Department Heads
  • Supervisors of Departments.
  • Dean of Students
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Registrar
  • Quality Assurance Director
  • DVC Finance
  • DVC Academics

In the meantime, given this news, we urge those students in the University housing who can depart campus for home to consider doing so soon as possible.

recognize and appreciate how this quickly evolving situation is impacting the lives of the members of our community. We will continue to work expeditiously on identifying solutions to this latest challenge and have more to share later.

My assurance to you all is that God is still in control

Prof. Patrick Manu


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