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Bugema University makes online resources available to all segments of our community but does not review, edit, or endorse all items accessible from these pages.

Indeed, browsing our web site and the links from it is a little like wandering the campus - at one point you may be in the administration building; at another, in a dorm room or campus hangout, at yet another, in a classroom or the University Library. No single location is representative of the entire University.

Given the above, home pages are not official statements of the University, and Bugema University is not responsible for the content of every page that you can reach from here. While University departments will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of material they publish on the web site, discrepancies may sometimes exist between printed and electronic information. In any such case, the printed version of the material should be considered the official version. If you have questions about any Bugema Unviersity information that appears on the web site, please contact the originating department directly.

Similarly, opinions expressed in personal or non-departmental home pages should be construed as those of its author, who is responsible for the information contained therein. If you have questions or comments about a particular page or document, please contact its author directly.

University Relations is responsible for the design and maintenance of the Bugema University home page. It is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of information provided by other departments or individuals. However, if you have any general comments, suggestions or concerns about Bugema's pages, please direct them to University Relations

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