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Dean: Keith Tibenda, Ph.D. Leadership (Candidate) AUA, MSA International Development – Andrews University, 2000; BBA Management -University of Eastern Africa Baraton, 1993

The School of Social Sciences was created to house the department of Development and Humanitarian Studies and Social Work and Social Administration when Bugema University was granted a charter by the National Council of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Uganda, in 2009. Previously, it used to include the Department of Theology and the Department of Education both of which have since attained autonomy, with various divisions. At the time of the creation, the Department of Social Work and Social Administration was incubating the department of Counseling and Guidance. It still houses this department and still continues to exist with a few registered students but with its courses being done by the many students from other departments of the school and other schools in the university.

The department of development and Humanitarian studies has since grown by specializing in some of the courses which used to form part of the curriculum that the department used to offer. The demand for development communication led to the creation of courses leading to a degree in journalism and mass communication.

The necessity to create a public administration degree arose from the demand from our in-service program students who used to work as sub-county chiefs and were required to have at least a degree in the social science-related field but also some qualification in Public Administration. This led to the creation of such a diploma for our graduates in Development Studies but also created a degree in Public Administration since this is what they actually needed.

Since the courses we offer are demand-driven, it may be necessary to create many more courses depending on the demand at the time. It is not yet clear what direction well take but it seems clear enough that eventually, these will become stand-alone programs on their own.

Social Work and Social Administration Department has recently joined as a corporate member of the National Association of Social Workers of Uganda. As a school we are fulfilling the requirements of the association and this is good of our graduates.

The philosophy underlying the teaching in the school of social sciences is based on Galatians 5: 22 – 23 “But the fruit of the spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such, there is no law.”

This school is divided into two main departments:
Department of Development and Humanitarian studies. Programs offered in this school include:

Bachelor’s Degree in:
    a) Development Studies
    b) Journalism and Mass Communication
    c) Public Administration and Management
    d) Community Development
    e) Peace and Conflict Management
    f) Humanitarian Emergency and Disaster Management

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(HOD-Developement Studies) ...... .....

At Bugema university,counseling is aproffesional course which equips you with skills that empower you to serve with wider a range of organisations like NGOs Schools, Hospitals,Churches/Mosques local communities etc. Research and Community engagements are a unique oportunity that gives you insight of societiy's needs thus enriching you with enough knowledge compitance for job creation and self employment. (HOD-SWASA) Nyanzi Specioza
Diploma in:
    a) Development Studies
    b) Public Administration and Management

Certificate in:
    a) Public Administration and management

Social Work and Social Administration – The programs offered include:

Bachelor’s Degree in:
    1. Social Work and Social Administration
    2. Science in Psychology of counseling

Diploma in:
    1. Social Work and Social Administration
    2. Counseling Psychology

Certificate in:
    1. Counseling Psychology

The school envisions satisfied students and workers in every activity we are involved in

The mission of the school of social sciences is to offer education by preparing students through training, research and serving mankind with integrity

    i.To achieve sustainable development goals by sensitizing students about them
    ii.To teach the public administrators who will lead without causing pain to the subjects
    iii.To touch the hearts of the suffering and marginalized
    iv.To produce journalist who will report responsibly
    v.To produce social workers who understand the diverse social complexities and have a solution for them
    vi. Prepare students for higher scholarship in the professional courses they have done at lower academic levels

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