Message from the VC

Institutions of higher learning always undergo some metamorphosis due to the many dynamics affecting the institutions in the country. This ushers in an era which calls for changes in institutions of higher learning of which Bugema University is not exempted.

Bugema University believes in the expansion of its curriculum and other related activities. That is why after every three years the administration, working with the Curriculum Planning Committee, spends time and other resources to print new academic bulletins incorporating all the new programs and related activities of the University. For academic program continuity and expansion, this exercise is very important. This exercise again helps us to advertise our new programs to our constituencies.

It therefore, behooves me to urge applicants and prospective students to Bugema University to go through the website with all seriousness and objectivity. This helps to give wholistic and holistic guidelines to students as they go through their course of study. Indeed, it exposes the student to the many areas of concentration and the requirements for the same.

For the first time in the history of the University it contains Science programs which are just introduced. These programs include among others, Nursing, Biochemistry, Agricultural Science, Environmental Science and Food and Nutrition.

We believe in matching our courses with the availability of the facilities and infrastructure on the ground. To offer the best Science Education on Campus, we have put resources together to come up with the best Science infrastructure which we plan to complete before the three year duration expires.

If you are out there searching for a modest yet quality education all enshrined, then Bugema University is your best and unquestionable option.
Bugema University – Building Unity around the world.

God bless.

Prof. Patrick Manu
Vice Chancellor



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