Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management

The school of social sciences offers a one year post graduate Diploma in public administration and management to graduates from recognized institutions of higher learning.


Bugema University ‘s key objective is to provide sustainable high quality professional training in various fields of specialty. The University has a mandate to train the nationals (Ugandans) and International Students into relevant and skilled future Public Administration professionals who will propel the future growth and human development of their respective countries globally. It is therefore on this background that the Bugema University Graduate School introduces a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management (PGDPAM).



The rapid growth of business and increasing transformations in the global arena has led not only to an increasing demand for Public Administration Specialists but there is also an increasing demand for Public Administration technocrats who can help organizations add value to their employees and thereby bestow upon them a strong competitive advantage. Moreover, today, Public Administration is no longer considered a mere ―Support department, but key to sustained growth‖. The program will therefore address this worldwide growing demand of graduates with professional managerial capability in Public Administration, Management and Development.

Program Aims and Objectives

The Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management (PGDPAM) is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for effective public and private sector management in a global changing environment.



  1. To train well rounded and effective Public Administration Managers who are able to understand and respond to the demands of community in the changing administrative environment.
  2. To impart Managerial knowledge and skills needed to add value to the Public Administration Function.
  3. To develop the Critical and analytical skills which enable students to understand policy and program formulation, implementation and evaluation, decision making and problem solving
  4. To prepare students for entry- level positions in managing and administration the human resources, budgeting and finical process and information systems functions of the various levels of government and a non-profit agency.
  5. To provide opportunities from students to develop and test empirical hypothesis, use statistical research methods and communicate results using multi-media presentation in capstone courses and internship.
  6. To acquaint students with the skills to enable them to act ethically and effectively in public administration and management issues.
  7. Standards of Public Administration
  8. To understand the political, legal, ethical and social context of administration with respect to pertinent process and theories
  9. To achieve proficiency in understanding and developing positive organizational behaviour as well as in effectively utilizing a full range of management and administration techniques
  10. To develop the ability to apply appropriate methodologies to solve important problems and issues. These methods include quantitative and qualitative approaches to policy analysis and to program evaluation
  11. To embrace sound values in the ethical management of public organization

The Official Name of the program

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management



Admission Requirements

  1. All Candidates for admission must meet the University’s general requirement for admission in the Graduate School.
  2. An applicant shall be eligible for admission to the programme on meeting the following requirements.


Entry Requirements

For admission under the direct Entry scheme, a candidate must have a Bachelor ‘s Degree from a recognized university with a Cumulative GPA of not less than 2:50 on a 4-point scale and 3:00 on a 5-point scale.


Students from diverse backgrounds are eligible to join the program as long as they illustrate the how to fits in their future goals with the capacity to be able to finish the program well and on time.

A student needs to present to the Registrar ‘s office evidence of a Bachelor ‘s degree or equivalent from a recognized educational institution

Duration of the Programme

The duration of PGDPAM shall be one year (1year) with possibility of entry into the Masters of Public Administration and Management. The academic year shall consist of two (2) semesters. Each semester shall consist of fifteen (15) weeks, of which thirteen (13) weeks will be for registration, teaching and two (2) weeks for examination.

Programme Structure

  1. Basic Courses                                                              18
  2. Core Courses 12
  3. Electives 06


Basic Courses

   Code   Course Title                                               Credits 
PGDP 5101 Management  and leadership 3
PGDP 5102 Quantitative Methods in Decision Making 3
PGDP 6105 Management Information Systems 3
RSEP  5203 Research Methods 3
PGDP 5105 Managing Human Resources in Public Sector 3
PGDP 5106 Public Administration and Public Affairs 3
Total                                                 18

        Core Courses  Course Title                                      Credits

PGDP 5201 Public Policy Analysis and Management 3
PGDP 5203 Local Governance and Decentralization of Service Delivery 3
PGDP5204   Political and Economic Development 3
PGDP 5202   Democracy politics and Institutions 3


Elective Courses (Only two in second semesters)

Code               Course Titles                                                   CU 
PGDP 5206      Project Planning and Management – Elective 3
PGDP 5207 Management of Non-Profit Organizations – Elective 3
PGDP 5208     Sustainable Development – Elective 3
PGDP 5205     Urbanization and Urban Development – Elective 3
PGDP 5204     Administrative Law – Elective   3
PGDP 5209     Democracy and Public Policy – elective   3
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