Quality Assurance Unit

In the year 2007, the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) together with the Germany Academic Exchange services (DAAD) organized a workshop in Germany to deal with Quality Assurance issues among institutions of higher learning in East Africa. Bugema University was among the Universities that took part in this workshop.

In 2008, Bugema University underscored its determination to overhaul itself and review its programs and operations with a view of improving efficiency, relevancy and effectiveness by fully adapting the “Roadmap to Quality Assurance.”

Since then, the University has been involved in a number of Quality Assurance practices. For instance, the University put in place a Quality Assurance office under the directorship of the Quality Assurance Director. The University also designed a Quality Assurance policy which guides its operations. BU maintains the adaptability and flexibility of Quality Assurance in response to the changing circumstances. This dovetails well with our vision, mission, philosophy and objectives of the University.

In line with the University and Other Tertiary Institutions Acts (UOTIA) 2001 and amendment 2006, which requires institutions of higher learning to ensure that their standards conform to the standards set by the National Council of Higher Education, BU through this policy instrument shall take positive and proactive steps to ensure that quality of teaching and learning, research and community outreach are achieved.

Quality Assurance Objectives

  1. To continuously improve the Quality Assurance System through reviews, programme assessments, streamlining and modernizing of the quality assurance function, policies, procedures, and their supporting protocols.
  2. To ensure that the quality of academic programs at Bugema University meets the standards expected by all the stakeholders.
  3. To provide guidance in identifying internal and external standards and criteria consistent with internationally recognized standards.
  4. To provide guidance in development and implementation of internal and external quality assurance procedures and practices.
  5. To ensure that graduates of Bugema University attain skills and the knowledge proficiency required through the academic programs that are offered.
  6. To enable Bugema University to assure itself, its stakeholders and the regulatory bodies such as the National Council for Higher Education, the Adventist Accrediting Association, etc., that the University’s policies, systems, and processes for development, maintenance, and enhancement of quality in all provisions are functioning effectively.

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