Student Life and Services

Bugema University, being a Seventh-day Adventist institution, recognizes that true education has to do with the harmonious development of the whole person.  To achieve this broad aim, the University provides an environment in which students are encouraged to develop and strengthen their commit¬ment to Jesus Christ, experience personal and social growth, develop their appreciation for beauty, and develop a pattern of healthful living, as well as achieve academic excellence.  More information about student life and ser¬vices follows:
Food Services Bugema University operates a bakery, an adequately equipped kitchen, and a cafeteria offering a balanced vegetarian diet.  Since there are no eating facilities in the residence halls, as residence hall students are encouraged to take their meals in the cafeteria. No provision is made for food preparation in the rooms.  The cost of three meals a day is included in the boarding fees.  Students living in hostels make their own arrangements for their meals.  The university operates a snack center and there are privately owned restaurants near campus.  
Housing and Accommodation Female students who do not live either with their parents or spouses are encouraged to live in residence halls on campus.  In each room, beds and other basic conveniences are provided, but students are expected to provide their own mattresses and bedding.  Male students who do not live either with their parents or spouses may live in one of a number of private residence facilities approved by the university which are located near the campus.  There are no facilities for married student housing. 
Each residence hall student is issued with a key to the room at the time of entrance and is to return the key when moving out.  A student who loses the key will be charged a replacement fee equivalent to the current cost.

At the end of each semester, the room will be checked for reasonable cleanli¬ness and any damage.  Where necessary, charges for extra cleaning and/or repairs will be made to the student’s account.  Non-residents are not permit¬ted to use the facilities in the residence halls.

Room and board fee will be charged to students remaining on campus during vacation.  Those intending to stay should apply a month before school closes each semester.

Health Facilities
A medical center with the services of qualified medical personnel is located on campus.  Health and emergency care are available to students as well as members of the community.  The facility includes services for both inpatients and outpatients, laboratory services, maternal – child health services, dental services, optical services, HIV counseling and testing and a range of com¬munity health services

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