Trademark Notice

Bugema University Trademarks

Bugema’s Marks may only be used by Bugema faculty, staff, students, and alumni as provided and for no other purposes. Bugema faculty and staff include only those individuals who meet the criteria. Students include only individuals currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at Bugema. Alumni include only individuals who have completed at least three quarters of a degree-granting program at Bugema. No other individuals or entities may use Bugema’s Marks without the permission of an individual listed in above, or their delegate. 

Faculty and Staff:
Bugema faculty and staff may only use Bugema’s symbols in connection with Bugema University departments, institutes, events, programs, projects, activities, publications and products that are officially sponsored or sanctioned by Bugema University. 
When a faculty or staff member is involved in activities that are not officially sponsored or sanctioned by Bugema (such as independent consulting, outside business activities, civic and volunteer work, and publications), use of Bugema’s name and marks is limited to identification of the individual’s Bugema affiliation. Bugema’s seal and other emblems may not be used.

The PR Office is to be consulted before using Bugema’s Marks on any product, in a book title, in the name of any non-Bugema business or activity, or in the name of a course or program that is not owned by Bugema.

Faculty and staff members may not grant permission for use of Bugema’s Marks to individuals and entities outside of Bugema without consultation with the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, which will then consult with the appropriate individual with delegated authority. This prohibition includes granting permission to (a) vendors and others in a business relationship with Bugema, (b) research sponsors, (c) donors, and (d) industrial affiliate program members. 

All use of Bugema’s Marks in film, video, print and digital media (including in press releases) must comply with this Administrative Guide, as well as the policies established by University Communications (

This policy is not intended to limit use of the Bugema’s Marks in situations that fall within the normal scope of Bugema’s activities as a residential academic institution, as a research institution and as an employer. In these instances, Bugema’s Marks may be used in accordance with the review processes established by schools, departments, centers and programs so long as the uses approved are consistent with the policies 

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