About the School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences believes in working towards the restoration of the dignity of human kind through the holistic development of an individual.
To produce well qualified individuals of high integrity who are dedicated to alleviating social problems in the community.
The academic programs in the School of Social Sciences are specifically designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. To acquaint students with the various fields within social sciences as well as their relationship to other disciplines.
  2. To develop the capacity to think independently, analytically, and creatively.
  3. To meet academic, scholarly and professional needs of students in all aspects of their pursuits.
  4. To prepare students for postgraduate studies and advanced research in the social sciences areas.

The School of Social Sciences consists of the following departments:

  1. Department of Development Studies
  2. Department of Social Work and Social Administration / Counseling
  3. Department of Public Administration / Journalism and Mass Communication.

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