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Digital Transformation Centre of Excellence

Established in partnership with MCI tools, Germany, to drive the digitization agenda in organizations and industries of all sizes. The DTCoE offer specialized high-tech digital skills training, and provide automation software and hardware, consultancy, and End-to-End digitization support services.

All organizations and industries, irrespective of the size, need to digitize processes in order to improve the efficiency of the process, consistency, and quality. However, many organizations challenged by the lack of key digital industry skills. Undertaking training in Industrial SCADA and PLC systems, Processes Automation, AI and Robotics gives you a great stride in high demand digital skills market.

AI & Robotics training program

AI is a practical field that require hands-on experience to execute software solution projects. There are various kinds of jobs that need specific skills and experience within AI field including Machine Learning Engineers, Robotics Engineers, Software Engineers and Architects, Business Intelligence Developers, NLP Engineers, Data Scientist, etc.

AI & Robotics program outline:

PCL and SCADA training program
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) used in industrial automation to increase accuracy and reliability, system stability and performance, minimizing the need for human operators and the chances of human error. Many industries use programmable devices to automate processes in which equipment and machines are computer-controlled, programmable logic controllers. Programmable Logic Controllers Technicians have the skills and knowledge to understand programming logic related to automation. PLC Technicians understand SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), a category of software applications for controlling industrial processes, that gather data in real time from remote locations in order to control equipment and conditions. This program will enable you to design, program, operate, service and maintain PLC devices.

PLC SCADA program outline:
Application process

There is no entry-level academic requirement to enroll on any of the two training programs, except understanding of English language.      Click here to apply ...

Program schedule
Duration: six (6) months with offering in two sessions, January to June, and July to December.
Training mode: Online, and one week hands-on camp
Training fees: 650,000= (six hundred fifty thousand Uganda Shillings)
Award: Certificate
Partners: MCI tools, Germany

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