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I take this moment to thank you for having considered to join the school of Agriculture and applied sciences. The school team is more than ready to produce the best we can from you. Feel welcome and once again, we are more than glad for your decision.


Agriculture contributes over 25% directly and 29% indirectly to Uganda’s GDP and provides income to over 75% of Ugandans. Modern agriculture is complex and only individuals who have gone through an extended period of preparation in agriculture can effectively participate and make a significant contribution in this sector. The logical basis of a specialized degree program in agricultural is the need to produce a vital mass of specialized professional in agriculture who can be producers and also provide the required skills for research, innovation and management of crises in agriculture. This specialized Bachelor of Science degree program will prepare and produce the essential manpower for sustainable agriculture, research and innovation of agribusiness for employment creation. The graduates will also be sufficiently qualified to assume responsibilities in government and the private sector and also set up their own agribusinesses to reduce on the increasing rate of unemployment in Uganda. Therefore, this proposed program is designed to contribute towards addressing specific setbacks to sustainable agricultural productivity, and national development through training and producing graduates with specialized skills in Biotechnology and Plant Breeding; Animal Production and Nutrition; Crop Protection and Management; Agronomy and Soil Fertility and Agribusiness Innovation and Management


To produce highly qualified graduates needed in learning and research institutions and industries • To produce graduates who capable of establishing their own agribusiness enterprises • To promote professional development of graduates in agriculture by providing the students with an understanding and hands-on experience of the different disciplines of plant breeding, biotechnology, crop science and management, agronomy, animal nutrition and soil fertility.