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Bugema University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning founded on Christian principles; a conscious effort is made to maintain standards of dress, conduct, social standards and self-control, which reflect the spiritual heritage of Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The Christian ethics demand respect for duly constituted authorities. This includes both civil authorities and those other authorities such as parents, teachers, work supervisors, university administrators, etc., to whom the individual is subordinated.

Bugema University is dedicated to upholding respect for civil law as well as respect for the principles of Christian deportment. Off-campus misconduct will call for disciplinary action by the Student Disciplinary Committee. Further, the academic role does not grant student’s legal immunity or sanctuary. At the same time, misconduct on campus may be judged not only by the standards of the legality and suitability, but also by disruption of the nor¬mal functioning of the university. Thus, it is recognized that some types of misconduct may constitute violations of both civil and university codes, and actions may be taken by both civil and university authorities without constituting double jeopardy.

While enforcement of rules and regulations is of subsidiary concern to this institution, the primary concern is to maintain the integrity of its educational function by upholding the principles on which it was founded.

Bugema University recognizes that its work, while being educative and redemptive, involves a certain level of custodial function, and it takes seriously these responsibilities. It asks the students to seek to live by the principles of the Scriptures. Students who are committed to being Christian ladies and gentlemen are not likely to find themselves in conflict with University expectations.

However, students who, through dress, appearance, conduct, or attitude, clearly demonstrate an unwillingness to cooperate with the expectations of the university, as outlined in the Student Handbook, may be asked to with¬draw from the university or may be denied readmission for the succeeding semester(s).

Christ is our example – the following activities are not Christ-like and are not permitted on or off campus:
    1. Possessing or using illegal drugs, tobacco, or intoxicating drinks in any form.
    2. Stealing or gambling of any kind.
    3. Using vulgar language or possessing degrading literature.
    4. Defying authority and inciting others to insubordination.v     5. Using violence in any form, including cruelty to animals.
    6. Tampering with locks, illegally possessing keys to any university lock, vandalizing, illegally entering university buildings, etc.
    7. Possessing firearms or weapons of any kind.
    8. Engaging in any form of immorality.
    9. Instigating or inciting other students into lawlessness.
    10. Any form of public display of sexual intimacy.
    11. Convening, attending or addressing unauthorized meetings.

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