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A Chartered Seventh - Day Adventist Institution of Higher Learning
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Student Handbook
Each student is provided with a student handbook, which contains guide¬lines, rules and regulations governing the student’s stay in this university. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a copy and get acquainted with the information therein.

Leave of Absence
When a student needs to leave the campus for any reason, proper arrangements must be made with the office of the Director of Students Affairs. Forms to be used are available at the residence halls. For detailed information about leave of absence, consult the Student Handbook.

As a general rule, marriages are not encouraged during the academic year. Exceptions may be granted on special request.

Literature Evangelism Ministry
Students can earn a substantial amount of money towards their university fees by engaging in the Literature Evangelism Ministry during the holidays, particularly during long vacations (June-July). This can be done in a number of territories in the East and Central Africa Division, and even outside of Africa, e.g. in Scandinavian countries. Any student who wishes to join this noble activity will have to join Ministerial Association which gives out recommendations.

Off Campus Trips
The university recognizes that providing opportunities for students to participate in study tours, industrial attachments, field research trips, club promo¬tional tours, and mission service trips may significantly enhance an academic program. The university requires that any student participating in official trips should behave in accordance with the regulations governing students as stipulated in the Student Handbook
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